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Works delivered will present you an exotic and a calm morning wherever you go



Art of the morning calm


Koreans have been making beautiful crafts from old times. Master craftsman left us with many treasures acknowledged for its artistic value and is being held in museum, its beautiful senses and skills have been handed down from generation to generation.

The start of crafts begins in making various products used in real life.

Among the craftsman who made crockery and furniture, there were people with outstanding aesthetic senses, they observed and researched clay and trees to express their own beauty and built an original method of representation(expression) through various attempts and endless efforts.

Artists(Creators) introduced through HIIN(힌) have created works of art with their own outstanding aesthetic senses. The beautiful results they crafted do not simply just hang on the wall, those touch deep into our real life. They touch and trim materials as if they were dealing with a lover, and sometimes communicates with them. The works created and carved out show off their serene beauty and fulfill their vocation. Made of porcelain, we drink tea with it, plant flowers in it and becomes a piece of furniture that quietly relax our tired bodies. Unlike work of arts that are enjoyed with eyes, it deeply imprints its beauty by being touched and used.

It’s not easy to meet a handicraft that touches and comforts you just by looking at. As more obvious the purpose the more difficult it is to show aesthetic perfection. The excellent aesthetic sense, the skill to express it and the mind to think about its use are impossible without being humble as an artist.

The art platform HIIN(힌) is a platform for B to B businesses. In the era of COVID-19, through an active online platform, you can purchase directly art and craft works even if you do not visit Korea. HIIN(힌) finds and introduces beautiful Korean craftsmen on your behalf and sends the artwork to you. Through HIIN, you can meet artists who have made their own world based on traditional techniques and senses, and obtain and purchase information about their latest works.

Works delivered will present you an exotic and a calm morning wherever you go.

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